Fee Structure

To be deposited at the time of Admission

Nur, LKG, UKG Rs.2800/-
I to III Rs.3000/-
IV to VII Rs.3400/-
VIII to IX Rs.3800/-
XI Rs.4500/-
XI (Science Lab) Rs.1200/-
Prospectus + Form Rs.250/-
Terminal Examination Fee Rs.2000/-

Total Fee to be deposited at the time of admission.

Nur, LKG, UKG Rs.2800/- + Rs.250/- + Rs.2000/- = Rs.5050/-
I to III Rs.3000/- + Rs.250/- + Rs.2000/- = Rs.5250/-
IV to VII Rs.3400/- + Rs.250/- + Rs.2000/- = Rs.5650/-
VIII to IX Rs.3800/- + Rs.250/- + Rs.2000/- = Rs.6050/-
XI Rs.4500/- + Rs.250/- + Rs.2000/- = Rs.6750/-
XI (Science Lab) Rs.4500/- + Rs.250/- + Rs.2000/- + Rs.1200/- = Rs.7950/-

Academic Monthly Fees

Nur, LKG, UKG Rs.1150/-
I to III Rs.1250/-
IV to VI Rs.1350/-
VII to VIII Rs.1550/-
IX & X Rs.1650/-
XI & XII (Commerce) Rs.2300/-
XI & XII (Science) Rs.2600/-

Note: - First 100 students, 50% Admission Fee Off.