General Rules of Dehradoon Public School

The School Administration reserves all right to order withdrawal of a student in case of

i. Acts of indiscipline

ii. Non Payment of fees

Misbehaviour of a Student/Parent with teacher and school staff would empower the school management with the right to expel the student.

Key Aspect

  • We require your best support and suggestions whenever we need.
  • Submit the fees timely and ensure the education of your ward.
  • You must check your ward at home/hostel whether he/She works, hard or not.
  • You must keep youself in our contact to know the progress of your ward.
  • Attend the parents-teacher meet regularly otherwise we would be unable to help you.

  • For Students

  • You must be punctual, regular and disciplined.
  • You must be obedient to your teachers & parents.
  • You must be present in all tests.
  • You must participate in all educational and extra curricular activities.
  • You must inform us first about any kind of your problems.
  • You must follow good civilian manners in school/hostel because your manners resemble your parents, culture, teachers as well as society.
  • You must have separate notebooks for different subjects.
  • You must complete home works daily.