Vision & Philosophy of Dehradoon Public School

The vision of Pratigya and Tyag welfare society to create an excellent educational institution synthesizing the human values with the highest quality of teaching—learning, using modern technology-driven tools for preparing a well-rounded personality for our society. To shape global and patriotic minds on the Indian soil: To ensure this, the school will give every student an access to top-class infrastructure, and an innovative curriculum that promotes the four dimensional growth of the child imbibing traditional values.


Every child is unique. It is a well-known fact that two thumbprints are not alike. In the same way, we believe that every child is born with some special qualities. Each child has a unique brain way we teach. Education should foster real understanding: Understanding is different from

acquiring information. Mere acquisition of information relies on memory, understanding relies on conceptual clarity. Schools are not assembly lines of syllabus and exams. We help children make meaning of life and develop the muscle to lead life effectively